Cove Park

With 15 dedicated parks totaling 75 acres of greenspace in our dense, street-car suburb, there’s a park within nearly a 5 minute walk for every resident.

The City of Lakewood continues to invest in these community parks from Lakewood Park’s Solstice Steps and improvements at Foster Pool, to new playground equipment and two Fustal courts at Madison Park, to revitalized Cove and Wagar parks.

LakewoodAlive partnered with the City of Lakewood and Kauffman Park Friends to create a master plan for this neighborhood park in Downtown Lakewood. Seeking to invest nearly $1M in improvements, the City of Lakewood has created a continuous walking path from Arthur to Andrews avenues – with a loop around the highly used ball field – along with improvements to the ball, tree plantings and new signage.

Solstice StepsLakewood is home to the western trailhead of the Metroparks Emerald Necklace, a nearly 70 mile paved trail within the worldclass Cleveland Metroparks reservations. The Rocky River Reservation, accessible at Detroit and Sloan avenues, includes two boat launches, kayak and paddle board rentals, nine fishing areas, three golf courses, 10 picnic areas, 23 trails and 5 ball fields.

LakewoodAlive is proud to partner with Lakewood City School’s Community Recreation & Education Department as they provide year-round programming including over 400 aquatics and 160 athletics activities.