Ian AndrewsIan Andrews – Executive Director

Hometown: Howland Township, Ohio (adjacent to Warren)

Why I Love Lakewood: I’ve never experienced a community where people are so passionate and engaged as they are here. When we put out a call to help a neighbor or support a project, this community responds with enthusiasm. I love our historic housing and commercial building stock and that this community proudly supports small, family-owned businesses.

Hobbies: Being outside with my two young children, wife and dog; hiking, biking, golfing, camping and experiencing new places.

Fun Fact: I was named an official Kentucky Colonel as a result of volunteering for a conference in 2006, led by a key staff member of the governor of Kentucky.


Matt ClarkMatt Clark – Housing Outreach & Tool Box Coordinator

Hometown: Parma, Ohio

Why I Love Lakewood: The sense of community is great, people are really committed to helping each other.

Hobbies: Fishing, Woodworking, Metalworking.

Fun Fact: I have a thing for gas station hot dogs and Funyuns.



Jo Higgins  – Operations Manger

Hometown: Marysville, Kansas

Why I Love Lakewood: I absolutely love the effortless eccentric vibe in Lakewood. The culture, pride, and support to one another in the community is truly unique. I love the array of small businesses and how family friendly everything is. Being able to ride bikes anywhere we want to go is an absolute dream. The proximity to Lake Erie, the Metroparks and those fantastic sun shows (sunsets) are the icing on the cake…or the sour cream on the pierogi.

Hobbies: Spending time outside with my family and two dogs, yoga, camping, biking and most recently I picked up indoor rock climbing! I love tea or a nice glass of wine… and especially love when I can enjoy them on my front porch.

Fun Fact: I love all things pickled and consider myself a “Pickled Egg Enthusiast”.


Mark McNamaraMark McNamara – Community Engager

Hometown: Lakewood, Ohio

Why I Love Lakewood: It is always a work in progress. Lakewood has managed to evolve from the homogeneous community of my childhood to one that is rich in color, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation and religion. It is a foodie paradise, and a walk around big small town. Lakewood is a safe place to raise and educate your children and a great place to age and complain to the neighbors about their children. What more could you want.

Hobbies: Brisket Taste Master, Alchemy, mind bending, thought provocation.

Fun Fact: I can catch a thrown baseball behind my back and I am an avid stilt walker.


Ava Olic  – Communications & Design Coordinator

Hometown: Lakewood, Ohio

Why I Love Lakewood: I love the fact that I can walk everywhere in Lakewood. It has the urban feel of a large city, within the geographical size of a small town. Being back in a place where I have so many fond memories growing up, and having the opportunity to make new ones is a wonderful feeling. Our schools, parks, small businesses, unique and beautiful houses, and of course the lake, make Lakewood an amazing community to live in and give back to. 

Hobbies: Drawing, painting, going on walks, yoga, reading, seeing movies at the Capitol Theater, and spending time with friends and family.

Fun Fact: I get told I look like the actress Diane Lane a lot.


Kathleen Upper  – Development Manager

Hometown: Cleveland (Old Brooklyn Neighborhood)

Why I Love Lakewood: I love Lakewood because of all of the amazing people who live and work here. In each of the different parts of the city I move through from my neighborhood to school to the rec. programs, to the libraries and more, I find genuinely kind people who are sharing their knowledge & talent and striving to create a thriving community. I also love the parks, playgrounds and community events. I continue to be impressed by the number and variety of small businesses in Lakewood. It makes finding a unique gift or a great place for lunch or a service so incredibly easy.

Hobbies: Reading – favorite genre is science fiction, but I’ll read nearly anything; crocheting; bike riding for fun; playing with my 3 kids and 2 cats

Fun Fact: I began tap dancing as an adult through the Lakewood Recreation program and had the opportunity to dance with all 3 of my kids at a recital once.


Sara Williams  – Staff Program Assistant

Hometown: Newark, Ohio

Why I Love Lakewood: Lakewood has so much to offer and the people who live here are passionate about supporting not only each other, but the many wonderful small businesses. I feel lucky to call Lakewood my home and to be part of such a strong and vibrant community.

Hobbies: Running, knitting, playing the guitar, and spoiling my dog.

Fun Fact: I have an identical twin sister


(216) 521-0655 • 12815 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio, 44107



Executive Committee

President – Michael Bentley, Bentley Wealth Management of Raymond James
Vice President & Development Chair – Julie Warren, Erie Design
Treasurer & Finance Chair – Amanda Santa, 23andMe
Secretary – Geoff Mathias, Owner, Sauced Taproom and Kitchen
Governance Chair – John Burke, Attorney, Burkes Law
Housing Chair – Sandy Feicht, Volunteer, Moen Inc. (retired)
Marketing Chair – Tim Dewald, Volunteer
DEI Chair –  Andrea Fisher, Lakewood Public Library
Small Business Chair – Carol Barrett, Carol Lynn’s Salon Plus
Design Chair – Amy Haney, PIRHL
Past President – Jarrell McAlister, Progressive Insurance



Chris Bergin – Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Lucien Realty
Mary Bond
 – Volunteer, educator
Sandy Feicht – Volunteer, Moen Incorporated (retired)
Kelly Florian – Great Lakes Theatre

Kaprice Holloway – Branch Manager, PNC
Maureen Koopman – The CoLab
Dani Krasnicki – Aladdin’s Eatery

Brian Meng – Bialosky Cleveland
Margaret Niedzwiecki – Superintendent, Lakewood City School District
Galadriel Olson – Lakewood Art Supply
Sid Ordog – Sherwin-Williams
Jesse Smith
– JSmith Studios LLC
Ben Tomins – Deloitte & Touche
Jason Weiner – Cleveland Foundation
Chalana Williams – First Federal Lakewood
Jennifer Wynn – HTLF Bank


Non-Voting Members

Thomas Bullock   At-Large Councilperson, City of Lakewood
Meghan F. George – Mayor, City of Lakewood
Shawn Leininger – Planning Director, City of Lakewood
Lauren Small – CEO and President, Lakewood Chamber of Commerce