To many, whether near or far, Lakewood is home. Home has many meanings. Home is… a place where we feel understood; where there’s love, safety and stability; a place with both a past and a future; a place of care. LakewoodAlive works with residents to ensure healthy and safe housing for all. The families that we support are not just residents, they are our neighbors who call Lakewood home. Your generous contribution today ensures your fellow neighbors can create and maintain healthy and safe homes, whether they’re new to our community or lifelong residents.

Ms. G has lived in the same home in Lakewood for nearly 50 years. When she walked through the front door for the first time in 1973, she knew immediately, “this is my house.” It is the place where she created loving memories raising her children. After a divorce forced her down to a single income and health issues led to multiple surgeries, followed by recovery, Ms. G realized her home could not meet her needs any longer, and adaptations needed made in order for her to age safely at home.

LakewoodAlive assessed this life change by completing an Aging in Place Assessment, led by our trained staff. We adapted her home by adding handrails, grab bars, and helping with yard maintenance through volunteer labor. We also connected her to resources that replaced her furnace and added new insulation, reducing costly repairs in the future. LakewoodAlive was able to work with Ms. G to make important and informed decisions, ensuring that the home she loved so much would remain safe and viable for the future.

“I don’t know where I’d be without LakewoodAlive. I don’t think I could live in my home and age in place without their help,” reflected Ms. G. “I’m not ashamed by my house anymore. They have great volunteer support and are truly here for seniors in our community. They make me smile every time they come over. Lakewood people accept and take care of each other.”

Lakewood is home and your support is crucial as we provide essential services to our neighbors and small business community. Your tax-deductible donation of $50 or more by December 31 empowers LakewoodAlive to continue to foster and sustain vibrant and welcoming neighborhoods in the community you love.

P.S. – Make a gift to LakewoodAlive by December 31 and help your fellow neighbors create and maintain healthy and safe homes!

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