Lakewood is a city of beautiful old homes.  Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever before for Lakewoodites to give their homes the TLC they deserve.

Last month LakewoodAlive launched The Lakewood Tool Box – a tool lending library offering residents an affordable and educational option for borrowing tools that are essential for completing home repairs.  The response from the community thus far has been tremendous.

Here’s our seven-step process for how YOU can capitalize on this community resource to ensure your old home remains beautiful for years to come.

1. Plan your next DIY project
If you’re anything like us, chances are you have a wish list of home repair projects you’d like to conquer in the foreseeable future.  Make this list and check it twice.  Prioritize your projects while taking into account what’s necessary to ensure your family lives in a healthy and safe home.  Research your top project to establish your budget and a plan for execution.  Having a plan in place will help you to determine the tools and supplies you need to take your project from concept to completion.

2. Discover the tools at your disposal
Once your next DIY project is set, it’s time to peruse The Lakewood Tool Box’s tool inventory.  Here you’ll find 60+ rentable tools ranging from standard hand tools to equipment for larger projects. Tool rentals can last for one-day, three-days or seven-days.  Locate the tools you’ll need to rent to complete your project.  If you aren’t able to find a particular tool you need, give Matt Clark, our Tool Box Coordinator, a call at 216-712-6674 to inquire about availability.

3. Submit your membership application
As the saying goes, membership has its rewards.  Lakewood Tool Box membership is open to all Lakewood residents, tenants and landlords.  Submit your membership application to Matt Clark at and get ready to enjoy access to every tool rental The Lakewood Tool Box has to offer. You can also apply for membership online by visiting here.

4. Become a member of The Lakewood Tool Box
After your membership application is processed and you submit payment ($30 per resident/tenant), you are now officially a member of The Lakewood Tool Box.  Membership fees can be reduced for low-moderate income families – call for details.  You are now ready to visit The Lakewood Tool Box, and it’s okay to feel like a kid entering a candy store. 

5. Rent tools and receive a one-on-one learning session from Matt Clark
Visit The Lakewood Tool Box, which is housed in a large shipping container behind the Screw Factory near the intersection of Athens and Halstead Avenues in the Historic Birdtown Neighborhood.  Here you’ll be greeted by Matt Clark, who has extensive experience working with tools, as well as with home maintenance and improvement projects. Matt is eager to assist you with securing the right tools you need to conquer your project. 

6. Complete your DIY project
With our guidance, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to proceed.  It’s go-time to tackle your home repair project!  Commence your project, but don’t hesitate to call or visit The Lakewood Tool Box should issues arise.  We’re happy to be there for you throughout the entire process.

7. Celebrate a job well done
Congrats – you did it!  Return your rented tools to The Lakewood Tool Box and savor the victory that is completing your essential home repair.  Celebration techniques range from enjoying a choice beverage to hosting friends and family at your home to simply taking personal pride in your accomplishment.  Do whatever works for you…then get ready to plan your next DIY project.  The fun never ends when it comes to maintaining our historic homes!