Lakewood Tool Box to Provide Affordable Option for Residents to Borrow Tools
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Lakewood is a city of beautiful old homes, but with unique charm and history comes great responsibility.  As many of Lakewood’s 17,000+ housing units enter or approach their second century, it’s more important than ever to ensure our homes remains healthy and safe.

LakewoodAlive’s Housing Outreach Program proudly announces plans to implement the Lakewood Tool Box – a tool lending library that will offer community members an affordable and educational option for borrowing tools that are essential for completing home repairs to ensure we live in healthy and safe homes.  Situated on the grounds of the Lake Erie Building in the Historic Birdtown Neighborhood, the Lakewood Tool Box will be housed in a large shipping container that LakewoodAlive has secured.

Lakewood Tool Box - LakewoodAlive's Tool Lending Library

The Lakewood Tool Box is a program that will provide home improvement and repair tools for members of the community.

In an effort to finalize necessary funding to introduce this program in May 2019, LakewoodAlive has launched a month-long Lakewood Tool Box Crowdfunding Initiative aimed at raising $12,500 by October 17.  A wide variety of perks are available to community members who participate in this crowdfunding effort, ranging from LakewoodAlive window stickers to complimentary tool rentals to tool naming rights. (Click here for full supporter perk details).

The Lakewood Tool Box is a program that will provide home improvement and repair tools for members of the community.  The program is designed to offer a sliding scale of membership fee options that will enable people of all income levels to participate. This access will allow residents to make health, safety and cosmetic improvements, not only making their residence a safer place to call home, but helping to maintain or improve their housing value, which benefits both the resident and the entire neighborhood.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Lakewood Tool Box, a program that will afford all Lakewood residents the opportunity to rent one-time-use tools, while also enabling us to better assist low-to-moderate income residents with their home repairs,” said Allison Urbanek, LakewoodAlive’s Housing & Internal Operations Director.  “But the Lakewood Tool Box will be much more than just a shipping container full of hundreds of tools.  It will operate as a program that offers home maintenance instructional opportunities, fosters friendships through project collaboration and builds community through our shared time and talents in taking care of the beautiful old homes we love so dearly.”

For more information regarding the Lakewood Tool Box, visit or contact Allison Urbanek at 216-521-0655 or

LakewoodAlive’s Housing Outreach Program offers a one-stop place for residents, both owner occupants and renters, to gain access to services so they are able to live in healthy and safe housing.  The services connect residents with resources to maintain and sustain the community’s historic housing stock and ensure healthy and safe living environments.  Through this program we foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods, one home at a time.