By the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations to Sophia Lipowski!  Sophia, a fourth grader at Grant Elementary School, is our 2016 “Why I Love Lakewood” essay contest winner.  In addition to winning a $100 cash prize, 2014 LUL logoSophia will ride in the Light Up Lakewood Parade and help “flip the switch” to turn on the lights in Downtown Lakewood during the Light Up Lakewood celebration on December 3rd.  Congratulations Sophia!


Why I Love Lakewood

I love Lakewood! It’s such a great city with its many cultures, amazing places, and its walkability. I can honestly say it’s the best city I’ve ever been to.

First of all, Lakewood is a great big melting pot! For example, one of my friends was born in Syria, and another was born in Albania. Many of my other friends weren’t born in Ohio either.

Another reason why Lakewood is awesome is Lakewood has amazing places! I love the library where I’m surrounded by thousands of books. I also love the Lakewood city schools. Fabulous educational places! In addition to those two places, I love going to Dewey’s Pizza, Malley’s and playing at all the parks.

My final reason is, Lakewood’s walkability. You can walk anywhere you need to go to get anything you need!

In conclusion, Lakewood is so amazing in many different ways with its different cultures, great places, and walkability, but most of all I love Lakewood because it’s the city I call home.

Sophia Lipowski
Grant Elementary School