The stack of boxes remains unopened, but not for much longer.  In a matter of days, their contents will be revealed and applied to the walls of the house at 1427 Scenic Street.

LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project

Siding will soon be installed at the house at 1427 Scenic Street.

A major milestone in the construction process awaits, as siding will soon be installed at the single-family home rising within Lakewood’s Historic Scenic Park Neighborhood. Sporting a color called “Canyon Drift” that mixes shades of brown, green and gray, this exterior material will serve a host of valuable functions, from providing weather protection to shedding water to enhancing the home’s aesthetics.

“With siding, the transformation on the outside will be drastic,” said Dana Paul, owner of Prairie Stone Group, the company spearheading the project.  “You’ll no longer see that green zip board.  This siding will kind of be a chameleon color that changes depending on the sun.”

Paul has spent the last several weeks preparing for the pending arrival of his siders.  He’s installed an overhang for the backdoor that’s “symmetrically asymmetrical” to maximize its utility, and constructed an attractive deck leading into the backyard.

“You can really start to see how the backyard will look once we add grass,” Paul said.

LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project

Builder Dana Paul explains the “symmetrically asymmetrical” approach to the back door overhang.

Inside the 1,425-square-foot home, the final plumbing inspection has been completed with water lines, drains and vents each passing their respective tests.  Soon other milestones, namely insulation and drywall, will be within reach.

The interior has progressed to the point where Paul has started to finalize the kitchen layout, fine-tuning details by taping the location of the island and determining the assortment of can lights and down lights that will comprise the kitchen’s illumination.

“I like a nice bright kitchen,” Paul said.  “Overall I really enjoy the attention to detail necessary for this part of the process.”

The Scenic Park House Project remains on track for it scheduled completion in late 2016.  Check back frequently for continued updates.

With assistance from the City of Lakewood and the Cuyahoga Land Bank, LakewoodAlive has sought to convert this previously-vacant lot in western Lakewood into a new, single-family home.  For more information, please reference our previous articles:

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LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project

The back deck has been constructed for this new house within the Historic Scenic Park Neighborhood.