It requires a ladder to get to the second floor, but it’s worth the climb.  There the upstairs room layout has taken shape and the views of the surrounding neighborhood are superb.

LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project

Construction on the house at 1427 Scenic Street continues to progress at an impressive pace.

Just more than two months after excavation began, the house at 1427 Scenic Street in Lakewood’s Historic Scenic Park Neighborhood continues to progress at an impressive pace.  Once a mere conceptual drawing not long ago, the house now features a full wooden frame and shingled roof, with window installation coming soon.

“I pictured what it would look like even when it was just a floorplan, when I was sketching it on my kitchen table with tracing paper,” said Dana Paul, owner of Prairie Stone Group, the company spearheading construction at 1427 Scenic Street.  “I had a good sense of how everything would go up, and I’m really happy with how the rooms are laying out.”

The upstairs room layout in the 1,425-square-foot home features three bedrooms – including a master bedroom that could fit a king-sized bed – as well as two bathrooms, a laundry area and ample closet space.  The upper level affords nice views of both the surrounding Historic Scenic Park Neighborhood and the nearby Rocky River Valley.

Paul’s construction team has encountered few surprises thus far, and the project remains on schedule for completion in late 2016.

“Windows will be the next step, then ‘punching out’ the framing by adding a couple of additional supports and modifying a few of the headers,” said Paul.  “The house is going up the way it should, and we remain on track.”

With assistance from the City of Lakewood and the Cuyahoga Land Bank, LakewoodAlive has sought to convert this previously-vacant lot in western Lakewood into a new, single-family home.  For more information, please reference our previous articles:

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LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project  LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project

LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project  LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House Project