Housing Outreach

Lakewood is a city of beautiful old homes and we love them dearly.  In addition to serving as a tremendous source of pride for residents, the 17,000+ units comprising Lakewood’s housing stock represent the economic engine for our city.

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Our Housing Outreach Program completes dozens of volunteer-driven housing projects annually.

LakewoodAlive administers a Housing Outreach Program designed to offer a one-stop place for residents, both owner occupants and renters, to gain access to services so they are able to live in healthy and safe housing.  Through these programs we foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods, one home at a time.

The services provided through the Housing Outreach Program connect residents with resources to maintain and sustain the community’s historic housing stock and ensure healthy and safe living environments.  These connections are made through:

  • Working one-on-one with residents, primarily low-to-moderate income residents, to connect them to financial and educational resources, as well as volunteer labor to complete necessary home repairs.
  • The Knowing Your Home educational series, which focuses on sustainability and maintenance best practices empowering homeowners to tackle necessary home repairs and improvements. These workshops are free to attend and are offered from February through October annually.

    LakewoodAlive Knowing Your Home Series

    Our “Knowing Your Home” series has hosted more than 50 educational workshops since 2014.

  • The Paint Lakewood Program, which is a grant program for low-to-moderate income residents to assist with obtaining affordable exterior house painting.
  • The Community Engagement Program in Birdtown and other eastern end neighborhoods seeks to improve the quality of life for residents through neighborhood-wide events, door-knocking and one-on-one appointments.
  • Partnering with the City of Lakewood, Municipal Court and other organizations to assist residents with code compliance and Housing Court violations.
  • Connection to local social service agencies that provide safety net services to ensure our residents are taken care of both inside and outside of their homes.

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Lakewood has moved into its second century and it is more important than ever to ensure our homes are healthy and safe. More than 80 percent of all Lakewood homes were built before 1935. Our aging housing stock has a lot of charm and character, but with that comes higher costs for repairs and improvements.

LakewoodAlive Housing Outreach

Our Housing Outreach Program helps fulfill our mission to foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods.

Our homes need to maintain their value, their curb appeal for the neighborhood and their ability to elicit pride.  We also need to ensure our residents have access to the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to keep their homes healthy and safe while combating disinvestment.

If you need help with maintaining your home or are aware of someone who could benefit from learning more about what assistance may be available, please contact Allison Urbanek, LakewoodAlive’s Housing Outreach Director, at 216-521-0655.  Our services are free and available to any resident of Lakewood.


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