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In Lakewood, #CommunityMatters. As a non-profit community development organization, LakewoodAlive works with residents to ensure healthy and safe housing. The families that we support are not just residents, they are people just like you who make Lakewood’s community a wonderful place to call home. Your generous contribution supports initiatives like our Housing Outreach Program which allows us to help people like Mr. F and his mom live in the best place possible. Together, we can continue to work with families ensuring healthy and safe housing for all.

Holding on to the American Dream

Mr. F. has lived in Lakewood for over 35 years. When he was 8-years-old he moved from a small village in India to New York City and then to the place that would become home, Lakewood. When his father passed away last year, he became the sole caregiver to his 76-year-old mother with mobility challenges. Due to increasing health issues over the past few years, their home began to fall into distress and in order for his mother to remain in the home safely, there were repairs that needed to be addressed.

LakewoodAlive assessed this delicate situation to help Mr. F and his mother live safely. We began by completing an Aging in Place Assessment, led by our trained staff. We then repaired and adapted the home through volunteer labor to meet his mom’s needs. Without LakewoodAlive, the family may have had to face difficult, life changing decisions. Thankfully, we were able to help them make their beloved family home safer for years to come.

“I don’t think there are any words to describe how wonderful LakewoodAlive has been. They’ve changed our lives,” reflected Mr. F.  “LakewoodAlive understands the problems our community members face, including those like my mother who are low-income, elderly, disabled, and don’t speak English, and they do everything they can to find solutions. We’re grateful and blessed.”

Celebrating Community

Our work in the community is centered around people. All of our programs, Housing Outreach, Small Business Support and our community events are designed to serve every one of our neighbors. In our quest to foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods, our contributions to the community during 2021 have been significantly impactful thanks to generous donors like you:

  • Housing Projects: Completed 27 volunteer housing projects for low-to-moderate income Lakewood residents with an estimated community impact exceeding $24,000.
  • Community Events: Hosted 12 in-person and virtual events designed to bring folks together with over 15,000 participants.
  • Small Business Support: In partnership with the City of Lakewood, we were able to provide $215,447 in job retention grants to 33 Lakewood small businesses, helping to keep doors open and dreams alive.

#CommunityMatters and your support is crucial as we provide essential services to our neighbors and small business community. Your tax-deductible donation of $50 or more by December 31 empowers LakewoodAlive to continue to foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods in the community we love.

P.S. –  Cash donations up to $300 per individual or $600 per married couple made to LakewoodAlive in 2021 are tax deductible without the need to itemize.

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