By the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Zenovia Parkanzky, a 4th grade student at Lincoln Elementary School, is the 2019 “Why I Love Lakewood” Essay Contest winner.

Over 170 essays were submitted by 4th graders from Lakewood City Schools, Lakewood Catholic Academy, and children who are home-schooled in the community. A panel of six judges used a rubric to assess the originality, organization, descriptive language, and grammar (including punctuation and spelling) of the essays, and the judges selected Zenovia’s as best overall. Zenovia loves Lakewood because of the city’s shops, restaurants, and most of all because, “Lakewood Park has everything!”

Zenovia will be awarded a cash prize of $100 and will ride in the Light Up Lakewood parade before she takes the stage with Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers and Santa Claus to “flip the switch” on December 7th and turn on the lights in Downtown Lakewood during the Light Up Lakewood festivities.

Why I Love Lakewood
By: Zenovia Parkanzky

I love Lakewood for many reasons, the shops, the restaurants, and Lakewood Park. I especially enjoy that when I visit these places, I meet new people. Lakewood is a great place with all it has to offer, to others and to our community.

My first reason for Why I Love Lakewood is the great shops. Lakewood has so many great places to shop. For example, we have Lion and Blue, where you can find great accessories for presents. At Paisley Monkey they have great little girl clothes and cute toys. Then, there is my personal favorite, Sweet Designs with its stylish and pretty chocolates. When I shop at all of the different stores, I get to meet new people and might even make new friends with them.

My second reason for Why I love Lakewood are the great restaurants. Lakewood offers tons of different and fun restaurants from Melt to Sarita and Barrio. One of my favorite restaurants in Lakewood has to be Pier W. The beautiful entrance to Pier W is amazing along with the great food and beautiful view of our amazing Lake Erie that borders our delightful city.

My last and favorite thing about Lakewood, is Lakewood Park. Who doesn’t love Lakewood Park? Lakewood Park has everything! It is a park for every one of all ages to enjoy. It’s dog friendly and great for dogs! It has a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot of fun green grass for kids to play in; and you can climb in the trees, fly kites, walk on the path, and have a picnic. Lakewood Park just keeps getting better. Lakewood provides festive fireworks on the Fourth of July, community yoga, and the Blue Angels. The most beautiful and wonderful thing about Lakewood Park, in my opinion, is sitting on the Solstice Steps with my family and friends to watch the sunset, while boats sail by. I pet dogs and watch people walk together on the path.

In conclusion, I love Lakewood for all its great shops, restaurants and Lakewood Park; and for all it has to give to the old and young people of Lakewood.

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