Three Key Takeaways from LakewoodAlive’s “Knowing Your Home: Garage Repair and Replacement” Workshop

November 8, 2016

It’s often overlooked yet represents an important component of many homes.  Whether used for parking, storage, or additional living space, your garage likely adds value and convenience to your life.

LakewoodAlive Knowing Your Home series

Tom D’Amico of The Great Garage Company addresses the crowd during the final workshop of 2016.

Nearly 40 area homeowners ventured to Cleveland Lumber Company on Saturday morning, Nov. 5, for LakewoodAlive’s 15th and final home education workshop series of 2016.  “Knowing Your Home: Garage Repair and Replacement” sought to provide attendees insight into determining the best course of action for refurbishing or replacing an aging garage. Tom D’Amico of The Great Garage Company led a discussion that ranged from general garage repairs to handling leaning garages to best practices for pursuing a garage replacement.  Tom also fielded many questions from members of the audience.

If you happened to miss this particular workshop, we’ve got you covered.  Here are three key takeaways from “Knowing Your Home: Garage Repair and Replacement:”

1. All is not necessarily lost with a leaning garage.

If your garage is suffering from a severe case of the #LakewoodLean, then a replacement might be in order.  However, this course of action is not always necessary.  Some leaners can be fixed by having the garage walls braced and sheathed to eliminate leaning while strengthening and reinforcing walls.  It’s worthwhile to consult several trusted contractors in determining which course of action is most suitable for your garage.

2. Get your garage up to code.

For Lakewood residents, chances are your home’s original garage is nearly 100 years old or more.  As such, it’s important to make sure your garage is up to modern code compliance.  An experienced garage repair professional can work with the City of Lakewood’s Division of Housing & Building to determine the most cost-effective ways to correct code violations pertaining to your garage.  In many cases relatively simple repairs can suffice for bringing an aging garage up to code.

3. There are benefits associated with garage replacement.

When a full garage replacement proves necessary, there are advantages a homeowner can enjoy with regards to both functionality and aesthetics.  These benefits include increasing your home’s value, reducing your homeowners’ insurance and providing more safe storage.  Ultimately, it’s important for homeowners to weigh pros and cons as they apply to their particular garage when determining whether to repair or replace an aging garage.