Dana Paul walked throughout the property at 1427 Scenic Street detailing his vision for everything from kitchen lighting to the master bathroom to landscaping.  Soon, however, imagination will no longer be necessary to visualize his plans.

LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House

Siding and insulation are among the recent construction accomplishments at 1427 Scenic Street.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Paul – owner of Prairie Stone Group, the company spearheading the project – and his crew, remarkable progress has been enjoyed on Scenic Street of late.  The ongoing conversion of a once-vacant lot into a single-family home within Lakewood’s Historic Scenic Park Neighborhood continues to gain momentum.

“Installation” seems to be the operative word.  The last month has seen siding, insulation and an electric panel installed, among other milestones.  Next up is drywall, which gets delivered and hung this week, and the pouring of a concrete driveway.  Yet despite Paul’s aggressive construction schedule, the Lakewood resident has still found time to volunteer with LakewoodAlive in recent weeks, assisting with a home project for an elderly resident on Elmwood Avenue.

“It’s been a crazy couple of weeks,” Paul said.  “I’m looking forward to Thursday when they start hanging drywall because that means I’m done with my punch list and kicked out of the house for a week or so.  I’ll use that time to focus on exterior projects like the front porch and the yard.”

Aesthetically, the home’s exterior has incredible potential.  Paul is repurposing rocks from a retaining wall to create a rustic, colorful backyard.  Meanwhile, the front yard will feature a river birch, a large boulder and clumps of decorative grasses in lieu of a traditional grass yard.

LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House

Builder Dana Paul points out newly-installed insulation on the main level.

Each of these landscaping elements will complement the siding, which sports a color called “Canyon Drift” that mixes shades of brown, green and gray.

“This siding has terrific shadow lines from the sun and some nice color variation,” Paul said.  “It adds a lot of character.”

Moving back inside, the upstairs level includes a perforated overhang designed to ensure continuous airflow and ventilation for the roof.  The master bathroom will feature a shower with a built-in seat, and the kitchen will emphasize optimal illumination, consisting of a combination of LED can lights and pendant lights hung over an island.

The Scenic Park House Project remains on track for it scheduled completion in late 2016.  Check back frequently for continued updates.

With assistance from the City of Lakewood and the Cuyahoga Land Bank, LakewoodAlive has sought to convert this previously-vacant lot in western Lakewood into a new, single-family home.  For more information, please reference our previous articles:


LakewoodAlive Scenic Park House

The siding at 1427 Scenic Street offers color variation ranging from brown to green to gray