We are pleased to announce the continuation of our very successfulphoto 1
beautification service designed to help YOU—our merchants—make your storefronts more attractive and inviting.

Again this year we are partnering with Lakewood’s own Lakewood Garden Center to provide newly designed and professionally planted Earth Box planters with flowers appropriate for the sun/shade needs of your location. These Earth Box planters have built-in water reservoir that significantly reduces watering requirements.

We have two different options for businesses in Lakewood this year. One option is for Downtown Lakewood businesses, this will be a continuation of the program that has existed over the past few years.  ***New this year*** for businesses outside of Downtown Lakewood is an easy 5 step process for you to purchase your very own Earth Box, Earth Box Stand and flowers that will flourish in front of your businesses. (Deadline March 13, 2015)

Downtown Lakewood Businesses
Downtown Lakewood Blossoms Application 


All Businesses Outside of Downtown Lakewood
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